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Who We Are

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions  is a organization focused on leveraging our Research, Development and Engineering expertise, resources and investment to provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced in providing cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure.

Those responsible for the delivery of such infrastructure include Government officials, aid organizations, academics, and engineers, all of whom have to meet more and more stringent demands with regard to cost, durability, speed of implementation, environmental safety and sustainability.

In developing nations, better education, communication and internet connectedness have made people more aware of the degree to which they are deprived of basic infrastructure and services relative to other populations in the world. This raises their aspirations, expectations and demands on government.

In addition people are increasingly aware of the fundamental role that basic infrastructure and services play in providing a platform for the sustainable economic growth and enablement necessary for the achievement of these aspirations.

In developed nations, the economic challenges of an aging demographic profile that will require increased Government expenditure on social services, will be compounded by the increased need for expenditure on the upgrade and development of the aging infrastructure in order to maintain economic competitiveness and acceptable standards of service and quality of life.

In both developed and developing nations environmental awareness is placing greater emphasis on, and demand for, solutions that are more conservative and sustainable in their use of basic resources.

The United Nations and other international organizations set the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 in an attempt to address many of these challenges in developing nations. These MDGs are very dependent upon infrastructure development and the management of water resources and services.

Despite the allocation of massive funding through organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank and the African Development Bank the initiative has fallen well short of the achievements and goals that were set for 2015.

We have brought fresh thinking and innovation to the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure with solutions that are proven to be cost effective, durable and sustainable.

We have also developed the only effective implementation platform for Integrated Water Resource Management that leverages a common biotechnology based solution toolkit to provide effective interventions at all critical points in the water cycle.

Our solutions are applicable to all levels of Government from national ministries and policy formulation, regulatory and administrative authorities to local municipalities, as well as sectors such as mining, agriculture and tourism.

Our philosophy is that infrastructure solutions should be sustainable not only environmentally, but operationally and economically as well. Our solutions are cost effective and rapid to implement, robust, simple to deploy, easy to maintain, and are supportive and friendly to the environment.

We have technical support centers in the three major time zones – the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific and a network of local representatives and consultants.

What We Do

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions markets and distributes technologies and solutions emanating from our extensive Research, Development and Engineering efforts and investments. Our RD&E is not based on taking convention or the status quo as our point of departure.

Our approach is perhaps best characterized by Einstein’s famous observation that the thinking that creates a problem is not the thinking that will find a solution to the problem, and the fact that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will keep getting what you have been getting.

True innovation is based on new insight, new perspectives and clarity of problem and solution definition. Our adoption of these principles has enabled us to develop robust effective technologies and solutions in two key areas of infrastructure delivery and operation.

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions has two main areas of business

  • Road & Dust Solutions
  • Water Resource Management Solutions


SIS are the leading providers of solutions for

  • Road stabilization
  • Road sealing
  • Pot hole repair
  • Dust control

We have a full range of solutions for all soil types, road types, and dust situations.

All our products and solutions are environmentally friendly, tried and tested all over the world and backed up by extensive research and development and independent academic and engineering reports and case studies.


SIS are the leading providers of a full suite of biotechnology based solutions necessary to develop and implement a complete Integrated Water Resource Management strategy. These solutions are bio-engineered, configured and implemented using the tools available in the Biotechnology Solution Platform.

The Biotechnology Solution Platform is a proven practical “toolkit” that allows scalable comprehensive solution implementation for

  • Basic Sanitation
  • Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Eutrophy reversal and remediation

It therefore offers the only comprehensive, practical, sustainable and cost effective solution platform upon which to develop and implement an Integrated Water Resource Management strategy by addressing the real challenge of IWRM – making water more reusable in an environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner.

The Biotechnology Solution Platform is uniquely developed out of a Systems Theory framework which uniquely conforms to and supports the natural scientific and behavioral dynamics of Biotic Systems and moves beyond the constraints and limitations of the Newtonian engineering paradigm.

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